Friday, February 6, 2015

Embedded Firmware Solutions

Embedded Firmware Solutions: Development Best Practices for the Internet of Things is the perfect introduction and daily-use field guide--for the thousands of firmware designers, hardware engineers, architects, managers, and developers--to Intel’s new firmware direction (including Quark coverage), showing how to integrate Intel® Architecture designs into their plans.

Featuring hands-on examples and exercises using Open Source codebases, like Coreboot and EFI Development Kit (tianocore) and Chromebook, this is the first book that combines a timely and thorough overview of firmware solutions for the rapidly evolving embedded ecosystem with in-depth coverage of requirements and optimization.

What you’ll learn
  • Understand the key differences between PC and embedded ecosystems in terms of firmware needs.
  • Thorough underpinning of Intel’s firmware solutions.
  • How to build a firmware stack for Quark.
  • How to integrate FSP with a bootloader, by studying the hands-on example of Coreboot and UEFI.
  • How to make a smart "build-it or buy-it" decision when starting a new embedded project.
Who this book is for
Firmware designers and engineers, hardware engineers, software architects, and product development managers.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Firmware Stacks for Embedded
Chapter 3: Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel FSP)
Chapter 4: Building Coreboot with Intel FSP
Chapter 5: Chromebook Firmware Internals
Chapter 6: Intel FSP and UEFI Integration
Chapter 7: Building Firmware for Quark Processors
Chapter 8: Putting it all together
Appendix A: Sample of Boot Setting File (BSF)

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