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Internet of Things with SAP HANA: Build Your IoT Use Case With Raspberry PI, Arduino Uno, HANA XSJS and SAPUI5

Internet of Things with SAP HANA: Build Your IoT Use Case With Raspberry PI, Arduino Uno, HANA XSJS and SAPUI5

About the Book
In this book, we have covered how to work with Internet of Things (IoT) using SAP HANA Native development, SAPUI5, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno and sensor interfacing to solve a personal life problem that will keep the course interesting and fun.

In today’s IT industry, companies are staying competitive by adopting new technologies, streamlining business processes and innovating new services to increase productivity and save costs.

Benefits of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • In the logistics and supply chain, the traditional supply of goods is based on established agreements between manufacturers and suppliers. Orders are made in advance and various stakeholders in the supply chain, i.e., assembly lines, manufacturers, and logistics managers, do the tracking.
  • IoT will have a huge impact in environmental regulation and control as well where we will be able to monitor and control the global problem of clean air, global warming, and recycling.
  • It will also provide a connected world where private transportation can talk to each other to create an accident free and best experience for consumer taking care of medical and emotional need while transit.
  • Factories will be able to run in more robust and self-sustain way using so called Industry 4.0.
Estimated Impact of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • In 2010, the number of everyday physical objects and devices connected to the Internet was around 1 billion.
  • Cisco forecasts that this figure will reach to 25 billion in 2015 as the number of more smart devices per person increases, and to a further 50 billion by 2020.
  • In addition, the global economic impact, which IoT will collectively have, will be more than $14 Trillion; if we compare this to the world population, then by 2020 we will have around more than six connected devices per person.
Why You Should Read This Book
In this book "Internet of Things with SAP HANA: Build Your IoT Use Case With Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno, HANA XSJS and SAPUI5" we explain you what is Internet of things (IoT) and all the steps necessary to create your own basic setup to start your IoT journey.

In the coming time, we are going to see many new standards, application and devices that will make our life easier, smarter and better and this book will give you the headstart in the path to pioneer this amazing and technology.

To put in a very simple way, IoT will be bigger than anything that's ever been done in high tech and IoT projects are not simple to do, therefore consultants and teams who are working in IoT are paid top rates and salaries.

This book is full of information, knowledge, hands-on and real life project experience learning.

After Reading This Book
  1. You will be able to identify all the components and flow in an Internet of Things application.
  2. You will be able to create your own cutting edge Internet of Things use cases using SAP HANA XS, SAPUI5, Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno.
  3. You will be ready to work and manage an IoT project.
  4. You will be able to understand IoT Projects in and out.
  5. If you have never worked with SAP HANA XS, XSJS or SAPUI5, you will be ready to make your first application.
  6. You will be able to get long-term exciting projects in Internet of Things with top-market rates and salaries.
About the Authors
We are SAP consultants and contractors. We have more than a decade of experience in enhancing and implementing cutting edge technology for major European industries, some of them include big Fortune 500 names.

Deep knowledge on the SAP functional side, as well, in Logistics, PLM, SRM Procurement, Supply Chain and Plant Maintenance.

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