Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Get Started with Raspberry Pi 3

Learn To Use & Program Raspberry Pi 3 in less than 24 Hours!

Raspberry Pi 3: Get Started With Raspberry Pi 3: A Simple Guide To Understanding And Programming Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspberry Pi 3 User Guide, Python Programming, Mathematica Programming)

The Aim Of This Book Is To Equip You With All The Information And Knowledge You Need To Get Up And Running With Raspberry Pi 3 As Soon As You Take It Out Of The Box...

What You’ll Learn In This Book?
Chapter 1: Introduction - Embedded Systems & The Raspberry Pi
Chapter 2: Moving Toward A Smarter Internet – The Internet Of Things
Chapter 3: Understanding The Raspberry Pi Versions & Features
Chapter 4: Understanding The Raspberry Pi 3
Chapter 5: The Raspberry Pi 3 – Hardware Setup
Chapter 6: Operating Systems Required For Raspberry Pi 3
Chapter 7: NOOBS for Raspberry Pi 3
Chapter 8: Connecting The Raspberry Pi 3
Chapter 9: Starting And Programming Raspberry Pi 3
Chapter 10: General Purpose Input Output (GPIO)
Chapter 11: Understanding And Accessing Python 3 Programming Using Python 3
Chapter 12: Understanding And Accessing Mathematica
Chapter 13: Programming In Mathematica
Chapter 14: Accessing Camera In Raspberry Pi 3
Chapter 15: Raspberry Pi 3 – Getting Ahead With IOT
Chapter 16: Conclusion - Sculpting Your Career In IOT

This is an exclusive Raspberry Pi 3 User Guide & Programming Guide. Get Started With Raspberry Pi 3 Today!

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