Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Raspbian and New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS) released

A new Raspbian release, which integrates a number of recent improvements. Along with kernel and firmware updates, highlights include:
  • Sonic Pi is preinstalled so you can jump right in to learning to program while creating your own music.
  • Significant performance improvements to Scratch thanks to Tim Rowledge and Ben Avison.
  • A build of PyPy 2.1 is now included to allow you to try out this high performance Python JIT compiler.
  • Python libraries required for interfacing with Pi-Face are preinstalled. Once you enable the SPI kernel module in raspi-config you can leap right in.
  • The Oracle JDK is preinstalled
Due to the addition of Java, the standalone SD card image now requires at least a 4GB SD card.

And also, NOOBS v1.3 has also been released. Highlights include:
  • The ability to install multiple OSes on a single card.
  • Support for network installation of OSes from our repository.
  • Multiple “flavours” of Raspbian, including the ability to boot directly into Scratch.
  • Improved integration of language, keyboard and display settings between NOOBS and guest operating systems.

Source: New Raspbian release, and NOOBS v1.3 goes gold

Download: New Out Of Box Software

Oracle Java 7 JDK on Raspberry Pi added to official repository

Oracle Java 7 JDK on Raspberry Pi added to official repository.

All future Raspbian images will ship with Oracle Java by default; existing users can install it by typing:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-jdk

Source: Oracle Java on Raspberry Pi

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DukePad - DIY tablet computer based on the Raspberry PI and JavaSE Embedded 8

The DukePad is a Do-It-Yourself, make-at-home tablet computer based on the Raspberry PI and JavaSE Embedded 8. The plans and instructions for building the DukePad are available here. The software on the DukePad uses Raspbian Linux as the operating system, and an OSGi-based JavaFX environment. Within this DukePad environment, apps are simple JavaFX OSGi Modules.

The DukePad is not a product, it is an open source, freely available set of plans and software for assembling your own tablet using off the shelf components. As such, the quality of the DukePad software environment is demo-quality. The code is hosted in the OpenJFX repositories under apps/experiments/DukePad.

- DukePad Guide.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Coder: A simple way to make web stuff on Raspberry Pi

A simple way to make web stuff on Raspberry Pi. Coder is a free, open source project that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple platform that educators and parents can use to teach the basics of building for the web. New coders can craft small projects in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, right from the web browser.

A little experiment from a couple of us at Google. Coder is a free piece of open source software that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple, lightweight beginner-friendly place to build real stuff for the web. Learn more at