Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Moon and Saturn@RPi NoIR Camera V2/Nikkor AF 300mm f4 - 2017-06-08

Videos of The Moon and Saturn, by Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2 with Nikkor AF 300mm f4, at 2017-06-08.

For the setup, refer to the post "Saturn@Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2/Nikkor AF 300mm f4".

Saturn is approaching opposite the Sun, at 15 Jun 2017.

This optimal positioning occurs when Saturn is almost directly opposite the Sun in the sky. Since the Sun reaches its greatest distance below the horizon at midnight, the point opposite to it is highest in the sky at the same time.

At around the same time that Saturn passes opposition, it also makes its closest approach to the Earth – termed its perigee – making it appear at its brightest and largest. - Saturn at opposition

Mount Raspberry Pi Camera Module to telescope (with sample video of the Moon)

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