Wednesday, June 22, 2016

RPi NoIR V2 Camera vs UV-IR CUT vs 720nm Infrared (Hoya R72) filter

After the post "Compare Pi Camera NoIR v1 vs V2", many people ask me about the filters I used. This post show the effect of the filter UV-IR CUT and Hoya R72 used on NoIR V2/Raspberry Pi 3.


Rattus Yu said...

What does the UV/IR Cut Filter do?

Can I use it to replace my regular UV filter?

Do you see improvements when shooting landscape with this filter than the regular UV/Skylight filter?

I was really planning to get one.


Andr.oid Eric said...

hello Rattus Yu,

Are you talking about normal photography?

Basically, UV/IR Cut filter is used to remove UV and IR. In normal digital camera, it should be already included in the sensor.

In my understanding, both uv/skylight filter and UV/IR Cut filter will not improve too much, except protection.