Friday, May 6, 2016

Filter test on Pi NoIR Camera 2, IR 680nm, 720nm, 850nm, and UV-IR CUT

Test various filters' effect used on Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2, include IR 680nm, 720nm, 850nm, and UV-IR CUT filters.

Filters used in this test:
- Zomei IR 680nm
- Hoya R72 IR 720nm
- Rocolax IR 850nm
- Rocolax UV-IR CUT Filter

If you mount the filter like me, suggest NOT to use transparent case. MAY be light enter from case to filter, reflect back to camera.

This photo show light reflection on UV-IR CUT filter on transparent case.

Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2 Timelapse

In my observation, if use IR filters on Pi Camera Modula, it will be little bit blur (out focus). It's normal and reasonable because the lens cannot focus the whole range cover visible light and infrared. I tried to align focus of Pi NoIR v1:
- Filter test on Pi NoIR v1 - UV-IR CUT/Hoya R72(720nm Infrared)


maurbeck said...

Any hints as to where to get those filters in small amounts and sizes?

Andr.oid Eric said...

Hello maurbeck,

The filters (except Hoya R72) I bought from China on-line shop, Taobao. So i think you cannot buy there.

Anyway, it's filters used for photography, I think you can buy from shops of photography equipment.