Friday, July 22, 2016

No brand made in China Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module

It's a No brand made in China Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module:

Basically it have the same specification of official Raspberry Pi NoIR v1.3, with different lens and lens housing. Come with lens marked "3.6mm IR 1080P". User can adjust focus and have to adjust focus. The lens and lens housing is in m12-mount, user can change to other lens easily, and even replace other housing of c/cs-mount, to use other lens using on cctv.

About replacing lens housing:
The center-to-center distance of the mounting holes is ~18mm, It's easy to find replacement of m-12 mount (or c/cs-mount). The official Raspberry Pi Camera Module is ~21mm, I can't find any replacement, or adapter. But if you are going to replace the lens and housing, you have to concern the height of the housing. There are many lens, may have different lens-to-focus plane distance.

Here is another Made in China Raspberry Pi Camera Module, but with WaveShare brand name: Waveshare Raspberry pi Camera Module with Fisheye Lens (video and photo samples)

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