Thursday, July 21, 2016

Saturn, Jupiter & Mars@WaveShare Pi Camera/Nikkor AF 300mm f4

Photos and video of Saturn, Jupiter & Mars, by WaveShare Pi Camera/Nikkor AF 300mm f4. Not too good, just a trial.




- WaveShare Raspberry Pi Camera Module: It's a made in China Raspberry Pi Camera Module using the same 5-megapixel sensor of Official Raspberry Pi Camera Module 1.3, OV5647. But with a easy replace lens housing.
- CS Lens housing, to replace the original lens housing of the Camera Module, to change it to CS-mount. (The original house is M12 mount)
- AI-CS adapter, to connect Nikon (or Nikkor) lens to CS mount.
- Nikkor AF 300mm f4 ED tele lens.

Pi telecamera - WaveShare Raspberry Pi Camera module connect to 300mm tele lens
The Moon, by Pi telecamera
Saturn@Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2/Nikkor AF 300mm f4

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