Thursday, February 2, 2017

Remote login Raspbian Jessie With Pixel using RealVNC Viewer from Windows

VNC Server is now built-in to Raspberry Pi running RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH PIXEL. Please note that xrdp conflicts with the RealVNC server, so you shouldn’t install both at once.  ~ reference link

This post show how to enable VNC Server on Raspberry Pi, download and run RealVNC View on Microsoft Windows 10 to remote login Raspberry Pi.

First of all enable VNC Server on Raspberry Pi:
- Open Raspberry Pi Configuration: Raspberry Pi Menu -> Preferences -> Raspberry Pi Configuration.
- Make sure VNC option is enabled.

You’ll see the VNC menu appear on the taskbar,

- Visit to download VNC Viewer, then run it.

This video show how:

VNC Connect, a brand-new version of VNC

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