Thursday, May 11, 2017

Waveshare 4" 800x480 HDMI IPS Resistive Touch Screen, for Raspberry Pi

It's a 4" 800x480 HDMI IPS display with resistive touch screen, support Raspberry Pi. Product page in Chinese:

It's the Open Box video, with first setup on Raspberry Pi 3/Raspbian Jessie with Pixel release 2017-04-10.

CAUTION: If you have problem on mis-touch detection when using on Raspberry Pi with new Raspbian Jessie after 2017-03-02, most probably you install the old driver come in the bundle CD-ROM. As show in the video below. You are suggested to download the update driver from the product page.

The touch calibration program, xinput_calibrator, can be download from the product page.
- Download Xinput-calibrator_0.7.5-1_armhf
- install:
$ sudo dpkg -i -B xinput-calibrator_0.7.5-1_armhf.deb

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