Saturday, February 27, 2016

How to Connect to a Raspberry Pi Directly with an Ethernet Cable

If you use SSH or remote desktop apps to get access to your Raspberry Pi, connecting to it from your laptop or desktop directly with an ethernet cable is the fastest and most reliable way to do it. In just a few steps, you can set this up and never be disconnected from network time outs and low bandwidth on your network. You can actually access your Pi without even being on a network. If you travel with your Pi, all you need is a laptop and an ethernet cable to connect to your Pi!

See the full tutorial here:

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Muddassir Ghoorun said...

Can you please make a detailed article about setting up the raspberry pi using headless mode? I previously did these without problem.Recently i bought a microsd toshiba memory card and i have been unable to log in putty. I'm using raspbian jessie. I configured the wireless to share internet with local area connection. On local area connection, i've also set the TCP IPV4 as and its subnet mask as I've also included ip= in the cmd text on the memory card. Please do let me know if you got any suggestions in order to fix that.. Thanks in advance..