Sunday, May 15, 2016

Raspbian Jessie update release 2016-05-10

Raspbian Jessie update release 2016-05-10, DOWNLOAD HERE.

Release note:
  * New version of Scratch, which no longer requires sudo
  * New version of BlueJ
  * New version of NodeRED
  * New version of pypy
  * pigpio included
  * geany editor included
  * SD Card Copier added (can be used to duplicate or back up the Pi)
  * Bluetooth plugin added to taskbar
  * Volume control on taskbar now compatible with Bluetooth devices
  * New shutdown helper application
  * Mouse double-click speed setting added to mouse and keyboard preference application
  * Option to enable / disable 1-wire interface and remote access to pigpio added to Raspberry Pi config application
  * File system automatically expanded on first boot
  * Empty Wastebasket option added to right-click menu
  * Ctrl-Alt-T can be used to open a terminal window
  * Various small bug fixes and appearance tweaks
  * Updated firmware and kernel (

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Karim Fauzi said...

I want to ask , I want to start making project with Pi Raspiberry 3 with the C # language , and I wanted to use the MonoDevelop and Xamarin
Where should I start from her , and what do I need?