Saturday, May 14, 2016

Filter test on Pi NoIR v1: UV-IR CUT/Hoya R72 (and align focus for infrared)

Filter test on Pi NoIR v1 on Raspberry Pi 2 - UV-IR CUT/Hoya R72(720nm Infrared):

Focus alignment on Pi NoIR v1:
Compare with my old post of Pi NoIR v1 with IR filter:
Pi NoIR photo samples (without and with Hoya R72 filter)
Test Pi NoIR Camera Module with Infrared filter, 680nm vs 720nm
by Pi NoIR Camera Module + IR 680nm filter

It can be noted that the image become little bit blur (out focus) when using with IR filter. It's normal and reasonable because the lens cannot focus the whole range cover visible light and infrared. So I tried to align the focus to make IR image more clear.

(*Doing so have risk to damage the lens, so NOT recommended!)

The photos shown in this post taken after aligned.

The the following photos, the white marked on the lens indicate the original position and after aligned.

original position

aligned position

- Filter test on Pi NoIR Camera 2, IR 680nm, 720nm, 850nm, and UV-IR CUT

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