Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Use your Android device as wireless mouse and keyboard for your Pi

Simple Computer Remote is the a Android remote app that supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and even the Raspberry Pi. Simple Computer Remote is a wireless touchpad style mouse and keyboard for your desktop computer that works over wifi. This allows you to replace or supplement your mouse and keyboard for control of your media center computer, desktop computer, laptop, raspberry pi, or any other Windows, Linux, or Apple Mac OS X based desktop computer.

Simple Computer Remote is now open source!


* Open Source!
* Zero Configuration
* Touchpad style mouse control
* Use your normal Android keyboard
* Use Swype or voice recognition if your device supports it
* Configurable mouse sensitivity
* No IP Address configuration, works well with dynamic IP
* Landscape or portrait touchpad
* Excellent for presentation or media center control
* Two-finger scrolling
* Push and hold to drag
* Two-finger tap for right click

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