Monday, November 11, 2013

lsusb: list USB buses and devices connected to Raspberry Pi

lsusb is a Unix/Linux Command to display USB buses and devices connected to system.

Usage: lsusb [options]...
List USB devices
  -v, --verbose
      Increase verbosity (show descriptors)
  -s [[bus]:][devnum]
      Show only devices with specified device and/or
      bus numbers (in decimal)
  -d vendor:[product]
      Show only devices with the specified vendor and
      product ID numbers (in hexadecimal)
  -D device
      Selects which device lsusb will examine
      Dump the physical USB device hierarchy as a tree
  -V, --version
      Show version of program

Example of using lsusb:
lsusb command
lsusb without and with Arduino device attached

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