Sunday, November 10, 2013

Login Raspberry Pi's VNC server from Android, with Remote Ripple

Android App Remote Ripple (RFB/VNC Viewer) is a free remote desktop client from the developers of TightVNC. View and control your desktop remotely, in real time, just as if you were sitting in front of remote PC, Mac or Unix system. It’s a VNC viewer so it can connect to any type of VNC server (including built-in screen sharing found in Mac OS X).

It can be used as VNC Viewer on Android devices to login Raspberry Pi remotely. In my test, TightVNC server is running on Raspberry Pi side, the App Remote Ripple run on HTC Flyer (Android 3.2.1).

Remote Ripple run on Android device, login Raspberry Pi
Install Remote Ripple (RFB/VNC Viewer) from Google Play.

- Click New Connection.

- Click More Options.

- Entaer Raspberry Pi's IP address in Host field, and tunnel number(in 590X form) in Port field, then click Connect.

- Enter VNC server Password, and click OK.

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