Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Install gphoto2 and libgphoto2 version 2.5.9 on Raspberry Pi 2/Raspbian Jessie 2015-11-21

gphoto2-updater is a Gphoto2 compiler and installer script. The current version is target for version 2.5.9.

This video show installing on Raspberry Pi 2/Raspbian Jessie (2015-11-21).
- The Raspbian Jessie is frash new 2015-11-21 release.

- update apt-get:
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade

- update firmware:
$ sudo rpi-update

- reboot

-install xrdp, such that I can remote controll the RPi and capture screen
$ sudo apt-get install xrdp

Everything else come with Raspbian Jessie, NO gphoto2 installed.

Then run the script:
$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gonzalo/gphoto2-updater/master/gphoto2-updater.sh && chmod +x gphoto2-updater.sh && sudo ./gphoto2-updater.sh

Once finished, the installed gphoto2 is 2.5.9, but the libgphoto2 is 2.5.4.

gphoto2-updater script updated, it will remove both installed gphoto2 and libgphoto2-port10. So you need not remove libgphoto2-port10 by yourself, as described below.

Then I redo it, with removing libgphoto2-port10 before running the script. After finished, both the installed gphoto2 and libgphoto2 is 2.5.9.

(May be the author of the gphoto2-updater script will update the script soon.)

Install python-gphoto2 on Raspberry Pi 2/Raspbian Jessie, with libgphoto2 2.5.9, test with capture image.

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